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GoodWe’s Solar Academy Hosts Historic Massive Solar Event in Taiwan with Yama-Sun Energy Technology
2018-12-21 10:02:42

Despite the fact that the province of Taiwan is a technological powerhouse, the contribution of solar on its energy mix is still relatively modest. With the efforts of many market participants, among whom GoodWe, this may be starting to change.

GoodWe’s Solar Academy is closing the year with a remarkable solar event in Taizhong held on the 19th of December in collaboration with our long term partner Yama-Sun Energy Technology Co. Ltd. This event attracted more than 300 enthusiastic market participants.


Yama-Sun Energy Technology is dedicated to providing free courses to educate and advocate the design and architecture of green energy systems, and this time together with GoodWe, held one with a very rich agenda covering from quality standards analysis, PV software design, remote control systems applied to solar installations, battery technology, case study analysis and discussion on the trends in the industry. The seminar was attended by solar energy professionals, providing them with the opportunity to share and exchange their knowledge of photovoltaic systems and the photovoltaic market.

GoodWe is highly regarded by many of the local solar enterprises and it’s worth mentioning the fact that the company is seen as a trusted partner to advance the transition of that province to a renewable and green future. For GoodWe this is an important step to strengthen its network in the market and benefit from Yama-Sun strong technological know-how and its connections to other markets.