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GoodWe Successfully Conducted its Training Workshop in Turkey
2018-10-25 10:13:06

Cooperating with HT-SAAE and ISOTEC, global Top 10 inverter brand GoodWe conducted a large-scale training workshop which covered a series of sessions on full range of products & PV solutions, energy storage systems, significant installation guidance and technical system design suggestions, etc. More than 250 local officials, developers, EPCs, big distributors and installers attended this event on 23rd October at Izmir Swiss Hotel, Turkey.


The trainings were given by GoodWe Solar Academy (GSA) which has rich training experience in global markets who understand the solar market challenges and demands, as well as other professionals from HT-SAAE and ISOTEC. The trainers have delivered intimate knowledge to the participants from some very important aspects of PV systems. GoodWe also highlighted that energy storage technologies will be a game changer for energy market, offering the prospects of greatly increased flexibility, reliability and efficiency in the delivery of power to consumers. GSA professional has shared detailed knowhow during the workshop by introducing both residential and commercial storage solutions coupled with GoodWe’s ES & ET battery inverters and SBP AC-coupled retrofit device for both on and off-grid applications.


HT-SAAE and ISOTEC have introduced their latest products, premium solar solutions and the cutting-edge technologies at the event and achieved great admiration. They appreciated that the first cooperation with GoodWe could make such a huge success and definitely look forward to next cooperation in future.


People who attend the workshop stated, “The training is well-organized and professional which highlights many significant points that really helps us to get specific and detailed information about the products, solve some existing problems in the projects and avoid potential risks in future applications.” Some of them showed positive attitude on cooperation with GoodWe in new investments and projects for the forthcoming year. “It was extremely successful workshop and we will continue to amaze GoodWe customers and competitors with our excellent technical trainings and high-quality service” –stated Engel Tastan, CEO of GoodWe Turkey.