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GoodWe Exhibits at the Key Energy Exhibition in Rimini, Italy
2018-11-09 21:16:47

GoodWe attended the Key Energy Exhibition from the 6th to 10th of November in Rimini, Italy, in which it presented its highly successful inverters of the series DNS, EM and ET, with technical characteristics that make them an excellent fit for the Italian market. The key topics of the Key Energy exhibition were E-Mobility, Smart Energy, Efficiency and GoodWe was part of this gathering of innovative and competitive international elites.

One of our star products, which we are very pleased to introduce in Italy, is the ET series inverter, which was designed precisely to help consumers enhance their energy independence, maximizing the self-consumption through its export limit features at the same time. The ET Series is a three-phase high voltage energy storage inverter that can be used in both households and commercial applications. This inverter can reach a maximum efficiency of 98.3% and also features a UPS function. This inverter allows 30% DC oversizing to fully maximize yield during extreme hot and cold weather and features a wide battery voltage range of 180 – 600 V to cater to each customer’s choices and compatibility with different type of lithium battery. This is a very compact and lightweight inverter, weighing just 25 kilograms, and conceived to ensure very low maintenance costs.


The EM is a hybrid inverter that can be used for both on grid and off-grid PV systems, allowing for an intelligent control of its flow of energy. It features a smart battery management function, offers export control and comes with a UPS function for automatic switchovers within 10 miliseconds.


This has been a year of strong solar development in Italy, and GoodWe products have attracted a fair deal of interest among the public attending the exhibition. There has been particularly strong interest directed at the GoodWe energy storage solutions, with many inquiries for its hybrid inverters and their adaptation to batteries under different kinds of environments. It is noteworthy that the Key Energy attracted not only local visitors, but also potential customers from Eastern Europe and Northern Africa that saw strong commercial potential for the GoodWe products in their respective countries.


The Italian solar market is one of the most sophisticated in the world and it only give its trust to fully committed suppliers which have set up local teams dedicated to give personalized attention to their market. As such, the Key Energy Exhibition was a great opportunity for GoodWe to introduce its recently established local team that includes a Country Manager and a senior engineer, both local Italian veterans of the industry, who will be helping the GoodWe customers to solve all their technical issues related to its new products and systems.


The Key Energy Exhibition was also the perfect setting for GoodWe to meet with its long term Italian partners to discuss business strategies that will improve and deepen the way that GoodWe has been operating in Italy. With more than 20 GW of capacity already installed by the summer of 2018 and very ambitious expansion plans, Italy, a nation of more than 700,000 residential solar installations, is one of the most important solar markets in the world and without a doubt one of the key battlegrounds in the industry in the years to come.