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GoodWe dazzling debut at the Sri Lanka Solar Show
2018-12-01 12:02:50

GoodWe attended The Solar Show Sri Lanka 2018 from the 28th to 29th of November in Colombo, the first photovoltaic specialized exhibition in Sri Lanka. More than 1500 industry stakeholders from across the energy sector in Sri Lanka were present at the event, along with more than 60 exhibitors there to take in the busy atmosphere at the Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre. As one of the top 3 inverter brands in this country, GoodWe presented its line of highly successful inverters, the DNS series for residential applications, SMT and MT series for commercial and industrial projects, as well as the ET series for energy storage systems.


The best-selling DNS series is a perfect match for residential installations, thanks to its compact size and light weight. Manufactured for durability and longevity under modern industrial standards, the series is IP65 rated so it can be mounted either inside or outside your home. Having a low start-up voltage of only 120V while also having a wide MPPT range and max efficiency of 97.8%, these inverters can provide high performance and greater options for any household system. 


Moreover, SMT and MT series are built for commercial and industrial projects, with technical characteristics that make them an excellent fit for the rising developing capabilities in Sri Lanka. The MT Series string inverters (50-60kW) are particularly suited to the C&I solar market, having been successfully deployed on large scale commercial rooftops and ground-mounted solar PV systems and has helped further reduce installation costs while its power boost function provides higher yield and a faster ROI. GoodWe has worked with some of the most reputed EPCs/Developers using this series on many large-scale C&I projects, ranging from 5MW to 20MW.

Although energy storage was not the main theme of this exhibition, GoodWe believes that energy storage technologies are a game changer for the energy market, offering the prospect of greatly increased flexibility, reliability and efficiency in the delivery of power to consumers. The ET Series, a brand new three-phase energy storage inverter that enhances energy independence and maximized self-consumption for both residential and commercial applications, was presented at the show. It comes with a UPS function, which allows inductive loads, such as air conditioners or refrigerators, to be switched over automatically in less than 10 milliseconds, and boasts many other attractive features. 


GoodWe has already established its presence in Sri Lanka for years and has achieved high popularity in this market. With the country aiming to boost its solar power output to 1,000 megawatts in order to meet its fast-growth energy demand needs by 2025, the Sri Lanka solar market is true a diamond in the rough, and one whose development GoodWe hopes to keep supporting through the introduction of the best of its products.